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Monica again

Spent most of the day yesterday hanging around the apartment, watching porn, jacking my dick. Just a laid back day. About 5pm my buddy Dylan called. Dylan has been a friend for years. We hang out alot, party, go drinking, team up on chicks. He's a cool guy. Alot of fun. He wanted to see if I wanted to go out for beer and pizza or just to hang.

After spending some time down at Silver Dollar we headed back up to Coach's where I was hanging out Friday night. Guess who was there again? Monica. Not quite as drunk this time. She was still just as fun. I love how she kisses, gets my dick rock hard (which isn't difficult!). After a while I really wanted to get naked with her. My buddy Dylan struck out with this girl he was trying to talk to. Monica wouldn't go for letting us take her back to my place and both do her, even though she thinks Dylan is cute too. So I ended up leaving with Monica while Dylan stayed to play pool.

Monica was all over me as soon as we got back to my place. She didn't even want to go back to my bedroom. She was just horny. After she pulled my shirt off she started flicking her tongue on my nipples. I was loving this because my nipples are really sensitive and not enough girls pay attention to mine. From there she went down and managed to get my pants down around my ankles. My dick was already hard like you wouldn't believe and I was already leaking out the tip. She took it in her mouth right away. It felt so good. I could tell she'd done it before. She knew her way around a dude's body. She was sucking me and playing with my hairy balls. It was fantastic.

All her sucking got me really going and I wanted to taste her pussy so bad. I managed to get out of my pants and I pushed her over to the couch. I had her skirt pullled up and her panties off so fast. She had a great pussy. Nice trimmed bush. She was really wet and juicy too. I love sliding my tongue up a really juicy pussy. I had her moaning and playing with her nipples. I ate her out for a long time until neither of us could handle it any longer.

I pulled her to the edge of the sofa and started rubbing the head of my dick on her clit. I wanted to go get a condom, but she was so hot for me. She said she was on the pill, so I shouldn't worry. I'm normally pretty safe, but I was so fucking horned up that I just went ahead and slid my cock into to her. She was so wet, it was incredible. I just let me dick slowly slide all the way in and then just let it throb there for a few seconds. I love that feeling of being in a wet pussy and just feeling my cock in there.

It was great fucking her. We made it last too. I kept getting close and then slowing down a bit so I wouldn't shoot my load. I eventually had her doggie style and shot my whole load that way deep in her cunt. It was a strong orgasm.

She stayed over last night and we had fun all night. One of my favorites was waking up with her riding my cock. I shot another load in her that way. Then this morning we had a hot 69 session. I shot in her mouth and she came all over my face.

I got her number now, so I'm hoping we can have some more fun sometime.

Today was another boring day. I did laundry, watched TV. Believe it or not though, I'm already hard again writing about this shit. I might see if Dylan wants to bring some porn over and jack a load out.
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